MonoX changelog

Changelog for MonoX (released on 2012-11-22):

New features:

  • Introduced "social login" functionality based on the library. Removed Janrain's service as a defautl provider of social login functionality
  • Added page/part source code editor verb to support interactive editing of all front-end components
  • Changed the default theme/skin in preparation for simpler skinning procedure
  • Support for responsive designs
  • Support for avatar image cropping
  • Added "people you may know" functionality
  • Changed the functionality of the "social dashboard" demo page to be in line with major social networks
  • Introduced major changes to the user profile parts/pages
  • Intoduced new "InMail" messaging center
  • Added HTML5 navigation menu part
  • Added provider filters to the main search box
  • Introduced "linkify" functionality
  • Introduced HTML5 video player
  • Added support for multiple boards per group
  • Added new cache and session provider
  • Added MP4 encoder
  • Added calendar events search provider
  • Extended SilverlightUploadModule with MaxFileCount, MaxFileSize and MaxUploadSize properties
  • Extended logging via Log4Net
  • Exposed / Extended API for CaptchaModule and PasswordRecovery module
  • Extended MembershipEditor so developers can modify the e-mail templates sent to new users
  • Changed calendar events to support many-to-many relation with calendar
  • Introduced support for meta viewport setting in web.config, essential for responsive designs
  • Numerous additions and improvements for the file gallery and album modules
  • Full support for HTML5, including the main HTML tag on a page
  • Extended events part
  • New Google maps part

  • Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bugs related to verbs visibility with roles which are partial editors
  • Fixed HTML editor bug with saving changes made to multiple editors on a same page
  • Fixed MailSender issue with plain text content and HTML content when mail is sent to the Google mail service
  • Fixed Discussion search provider security issue related to private groups
  • Fixed WallNote notification bug
  • Fixed DB resource provider - upgrade to .NET 4.0
  • Fixed Amazon provider to work with spaces and special characters in filenames
  • Various WAO-related corrections
  • Fixed discussion board user reputation issues
  • Resolved search providers performance issues

Changelog for MonoX 4.5.2915 (released on 2011-09-01):

New features:

  • MonoX mobile: a complete set of new mobile Web parts and pages based on the jQuery mobile framework
  • Full support for the WYSIWYG editor mode - page style is reflected to all elements in the HTML editor 
  • Totally redesigned Web part catalog, introducing performance improvements and support for drag-and-drop in all major browsers
  • Enhancements of the Web part zones, using the "tableless" Web part zone as the default option to optimize the HTML code rendered by MonoX

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed AutoEventWireup infrastructure
  • Fixed revisioning/change approval feature
  • Fixed localization in file upload parts

Changelog for MonoX 4.1.2741 (released on 2011-25-05):

New features:

  • Fully structured CSS theming and templating: MonoX styling changes are now much easier to implement, as each Web part has its own independent styling section
  • Support for custom medium trust environments

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed installation wizard to support ports other than 80
  • Fixed URL rewriting to support international characters
  • Fixed privacy level localizations

Changelog for MonoX 4.0.2580 (released on 2011-04-04):

New features:

  • OpenSocial support (more about MonoX ASP.NET support for OpenSocial can be found here).
  • MonoX for ASP.NET 4.0 installation is now available for download.
  • MonoX simple API has been exposed so users can easily take advantage of MonoX resources. Currently supported features: MonoX core, membership, groups, events.
  • New event calendar Web part added to the module gallery.
  • Content sharing infrastructure.
  • Blog post filter has been added for administrators and blog editors.
  • Added DynamicPaqer and Full SEO pager templates to default theme.
  • Implemented full support for pager templates and pager customization via personalization on Blog, Discussion, Photo Gallery and Social networking modules.
  • Separate installation procedures for .NET 4.0 and 3.5.

Bug fixes:

  • Social networking invitation lists visibility has been fixed.
  • Fixed caching and cache invalidation on some modules.
  • Fixed security issue (visibility issue) related to Discussion topic module inside the Group module.
  • Fixed photo gallery privacy permissions.
  • Discussion message and topic total counts are fixed.
  • Page management folder listings are fixed.
  • Fixed Web part visibility issue (hidden and visibility properties are separated to avoid collisions with the personalization system).
  • Fixed discussion topic / board file upload issue.
  • Fixed Active Directory membership provider to support scenarios where Web server is placed in the DMZ, added caching support to this provider.
  • Fixed numerous smaller bugs that are specific to .NET framework 4.0.

Changelog for MonoX 4.0 (released on 2011-01-06):

This version is a major upgrade. The following major new features were added:

  • New discussion system: besides changed look and feel, it can now support complex usage scenarios and features like voting, closing, moderation, reputation, reporting, syntax highlighting and mail alerting. 
  • New social networking features: comments, ratings, tags and related content Web parts are now universal and can be used with custom controls. They support both programmatic control and Web part connection scenarios.
  • More customization properties are added to all parts in the gallery.
  • Personalization system is redesigned to support scenarios in which non-admin users need to edit partial content (Web parts or whole pages) 
  • Sample starter projects (basic solution, localization sample)

In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added:

  • Fixed privacy level visibility on user profile modules
  • New membership navigation in the sample site header
  • Fixed folder presmision problems in the installation procedure
  • Changed personalization provider so it includes AbsolutePath as a default key, added varyByCustom parameters to web.config personalization provider attributes
  • Fixed Message.Show functionality in scenario when user provides a custom message URL
  • UserManager and RoleManager utilities fixed to support multi-portal environments
  • Added better full text search parameter handling to search providers and optimized SQL queries
  • Fixed administration screens grid rebinding
  • Redesigned anti-spam functionality to support all comment modules and discussion boards
  • Fixed password reminder part
  • Rating control is now available as standard rating control for all MonoX modules (Blog, Discussion, News etc.)
  • Extended SnRelationship structures with additional relations
  • Generic templates to App_Templates
  • Support for manipulation of editor zones in the toolbox and better support for personalization category attributes. ConnectionSample.aspx includes a sample that illustrates its usage.
  • Changed the styling of the administrative toolbar and all editors that are displayed in it
  • Changed sorting in property editor grids by WebDisplayName
  • Generic IFrame Web part
  • Improved content sharing control
  • Improved RSS reader part with support for Atom feeds (in addition to RSS 1 and 2)
  • Implemented SyntaxHighlighter functionality
  • The ability to show detailed error message output to the non administrator users is included
  • Fixed bug related to the toggle visibility client-side functionality (Wall, Comments, ...)
  • Full support for ActiveDirectory integration
  • Optimized tag generator code
  • Support for nVelocity templating language in the MonoX templating system, allows for "repeatable" sections to be included in all templates
  • Support for customization of all MonoX pages by exposing key events and allowing users to manipulate them in various Global.asax event handlers
  • Changes to the main script manager to allow for switching to Telerik's script manager that can aggregate all Telerik scripts and CSS files
  • Implemented event subscribe engine
  • Fixed bug with setting Web part visibility interactively; added support for localization rewriting to navigation and HTML editor
  • Localization solution that can be used to manually translate the resource from the VS Resource Editor
  • Page test functionality added to the Page management section
  • New "related content" Web part
  • All module gallery Web parts now support the personalization ApplyChanges event
  • MonoX search now supports SearchParams that are used to transfer extra parameters to all search providers
  • Optimized image resizing
  • Redesigned news system
  • Fixed reset personalization option in page managemen
  • Changes to personalization to allow non-admin users to edit specific parts
  • Changes to Web part communication infrastructure to allow comments and similar "consumer" parts to be attached to custom "provider" parts