MonoX Mobile


Other Web parts

  • Advertisments

    Allows users to set up and serve unlimited number of ad campaigns.

  • News system

    MonoX includes several pre-built news-related Web parts. All of these modules are integrated with the news management back end section of the portal.

  • File upload

    File upload Web part provides functionality for uploading unlimited number of files to the Web server. End user is available to select files to upload one by one, and than upload them all in a single step. An alternative Silverlight-based upload part provides even better user experience and interactivity.

  • HTML editor

    HTML editor is one of the most-often used Web parts. It allow users to interactively edit the contents of the portal, and to immediately see the results in the WYSIWYG fashion.

  • Login

    Login Web part allows administrators to quickly set up the login screen of their applications.

  • Menu

    Menu Web part allows administrators to easily produce navigation menus on their portals. The navigation structure of a portal can be defined in the page management section.

  • Poll

    Allows users to set up an unlimited number of polls and simple surveys.

  • RSS reader

    RSS is an acronym that stands for Really Simple Syndication and it has become a popular means of distributing and reading information from around the Web. RSS reader Web part allows users to easily consume information from unlimited number of RSS sources.

  • Search

    Search Web part offers a very powerful and flexible functionality for creating local search engine for the various types of content. It also supports templating techniques, allowing administrators to tightly integrate this part wherever it is needed, while achieving the desired appearance and behavior.

  • List

    Allows administrators to manage all list-based information: FAQs, link lists, user testimonials, and similar.

  • Newsletter

    Enables administrators to create and send newsletters to target subscriber groups.