MonoX Mobile



  • Advanced caching

    MonoX administrators can fine-tune the caching system on both page and Web part-level to reduce the access time and increase application responsiveness.

  • Viewstate optimization

    MonoX can completely remove the contents of the ViewState hidden form field. It practically means that your page will be much "lighter" in terms of size and load times, as ViewState hidden field can hold tens of kilobytes of data even in moderately complex applications. All this is possible without loosing any of the ViewState-related functionality.

  • HTTP compression

    Each portal page or related resource can be compressed on the fly, reducing the impact on the bandwidth and page load times.

  • High-performance, flexible data layer

    MonoX utilizes LLBLGen, a powerful object-relational engine that generates highly optimized, robust and scalable database-related code.