MonoX Mobile


Technical features

  • Full support for the ASP.NET Web Parts Framework

    Web Parts Framework includes a set of controls and services that specifically target the growing demand for Web portal creation, including support for personalization, membership, communication and other infrastructural tasks. MonoX is built on top of the standard Web Part API.

  • Commitment to standards

    MonoX renders XHTML compliant code and enables users to develop fully standards-compliant portals that will work reliably on different platforms.

  • Unlimited design flexibility

    Developers can create user interface templates without any limitations, using their favorite approach (tables, DIVs, CSS, ...). ASP.NET master pages, themes and templates are fully supported.

  • Open API

    MonoX allows developers to access all of its back-end functionality through a comprehensive set of fully documented methods and events.

  • Provider-based architecture

    An ASP.NET provider is a software module that provides a uniform interface between a service and a data source. Providers abstract physical storage media, in much the same way that device drivers abstract physical hardware devices. MonoX uses the provider model extensively, making it easy to add new functionality and interface with other ASP.NET applications.

  • Support for localization

    All content and user interface elements can be localized at run time using only browser-based administrative tools. In addition to the standard .NET localization infrastructure, MonoX can store all localization resources in a portal database.

  • Advanced module communication

    Developers can design sophisticated and elaborate Web part communication scenarios using the module communication support.

  • Development flexibility

    All MonoX Web parts are in essence standard ASP.NET user controls. This allows developers to leverage their experience without the need to learn about new APIs and development environments. Controls are registered with the portal just by placing them in the module gallery folder. Additionally, there is an actual underlying file for each page, making it easy to customize the behavior of each portal page just like it is an ordinary ASPX page.

  • Multi-portal environments

    Unlimited number of portals can be served from a single portal database.

  • Advanced personalization infrastructure

    MonoX builds upon the personalization system that is integrated into ASP.NET 2.0, enabling users to personalize their working environment on both user and shared levels.