MonoX How to localize my site? 

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12/24/2010 2:51:59 PM
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I logged in as an admin, and went to the portal administration area - portal localization screen. The strange thing is that all buttons on this screen are disabled, no matter what I do. Could somebody please advise on best and easiest way to localize my site built on top on MonoX?

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12/24/2010 2:54:57 PM
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This screen is intended to be used with the database localization provider. If you do not set this provider in the web.config, all the functionality on this screen is disabled. More details on localization providers are available in the tutorial.

In our experience, a great majority of users are using standard, "resx-based" localization approach. DB-approach gives you instant results but is difficult to share accross projects. If you plan to use your localization entries accross multiple projects, we recommend that you take the resx-approach. Newer versions of MonoX include a small localization project that also allows you to instantly see how your localization entries fit in the portal design - look into the /MonoX/Samples/Solution/ReadMe.txt for more info.

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